Judge Danilo Pereira Júnior, of the 12th Federal Court of Curitiba, ordered, on Friday (8), the release of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The petista, who was arrested after conviction at the Lava Jato court, benefited from the ruling by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which ruled that defendants can only be jailed after all appeals on vote were exhausted on Thursday. (7).

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In 1st free speech, Lula thanks militants and attacks PF and MPF
In his first speech after leaving prison, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) today thanked the militancy that remained in Curitiba during the nearly 19 months in which he was imprisoned. The former president also attacked the Federal Police (PF), in whose building in Paraná Lula served a prison, and the Federal Prosecutor (MPF). Former President Lula left late this afternoon from the PF prison in Curitiba after a court decision and went straight up on a podium to speak with the nearly 200 militants present at the place.

"580 days shouted here: 'Good morning, Lula, good afternoon, Lula, good night, Lula. It doesn't matter if it was raining, it was 40 degrees, it was zero degree. Every single day, you were the food of democracy," stated.